RS 100

RS Racing has just launched the first prototype of a new hiking single-handed class with asymmetric spinnaker, which looks set to become the much anticipated RS100.

It is around ten years now since spinnakers first appeared on single-handed dinghies and the appeal has quickly grown. The first mainstream hiking class was the RS Vareo which set out to offer versatility of use at a reasonable price and this continues to be a steadily growing RS class. Top end boats like the MPS and RS700 are great if you have the time to practice and the type of water that suits faster skiffs, but there has been significant discussion on forums and around sailing club bars for the last couple of years about the gap in the market for a performance orientated hiking / asymmetric boat.

The RS100 will have epoxy construction, a carbon mast and an easily driven hull. The aim is to create a responsive design that will appeal to all good single-handed sailors – giving an achievable challenge and a boat that is suited to most club waters as well as championship courses. The design has been evolved over nearly a year to prototype stage by RS’s in house development team and Paul Handley, designer of the immensely successful smaller boats in the RS line-up. The prototype has been made in a CNC milled “temporary” mould, enabling hulls to be built using production systems – with resulting sailing development taking place on boats that feel like the real thing and construction testing happening in parallel.

RS now has active dealers in over twenty countries around the world and the RS100 will be launched internationally in partnership with this network. Many of these dealers will visit the UK within the next few weeks to sail the prototypes and give feedback from a truly international perspective. The class will build globally from the outset and the first world championship will be scheduled in only the second year of it’s life!


Length 4.3m
Beam 1.839m
Hull Epoxy GRP foam sandwich
Spars Carbon composite mast. Aluminium alloy boom. Composite bowsprit.
Foils Centreboard and rudder - Epoxy.