RS 500

The gap in the RS model numbers is no accident - the single trapeze RS500 has been planned for years.

Following extensive consultation with sailors around the world, the exhaustive RS500 development process has been completed and production started in June 2006.


Speed and Handling

  • Light, stiff and easily driven - the RS500 delivers truly exciting performance with remarkably easy handling. Twice winners of the "Sailboat of the Year" award, the RS design team has a record second to none and the RS500 marks a real step forward in its sector. Three generations of the RS500 hull and deck design have been evaluated. Every element of the boat has been worked on to add performance, make the boat easier to sail, reduce complication and streamline production. Now you can be the judge. 
  • The uncluttered and spacious cockpit is class leading in its comfort for adults and young sailors. Low transom design makes climbing aboard after capsize easy and a pivoting centreboard and rudder make launch and recovery safe. 

For Racing

  • The hull design, cockpit ergonomics and rig size result from extensive R & D and allow the RS500 to be ideal for youngsters and adult sailors. So the RS500 will transcend the usual age 19 break point in racing dinghies. 
  • Young sailors will compete alongside adult racers. The whole family can enjoy a piece of the action.

 For Fun

  • The clear cockpit and user friendly performance mean the RS500 will be equally at home blasting along the beach as it will on the race track. 
  • Two sail size and spec options allow you to gear the boat according to your size and experience.

Built To Perform

  • GRP composite is essential to provide the stiffness to weight ratio to create the RS500s crisp, responsive feel and performance. No other material can produce the same results for a boat in this sector.



Length 4340mm
Beam 1580m
Mainsail Dacron
Jib Dacron
Gennaker Dynalite