RS 700

The fastest and most user friendly single handed skiff! And performance equalisation means that winners can be large or small. Fantastic racing and big atmosphere on the sponsored RS Racing Circuits.


  • Long hull with wide enough waterline provide a relatively stable platform. Stability and little tendency to nosedive are essential to make this type of sailing attainable to a range of sailors.
  • Flared topsides offer reserve stability.
  • Tried and tested RS epoxy sandwich construction system - proven in terms of ultra-light weight, high strength and virtually zero water absorption.
  • The deck at the bow offers maximum volume to shed water quickly if the boat drives through a wave.
  • Spinnaker chute mounted as far aft as possible to keep the weight back and the spinnaker clear of the water. 


  • Dagger board can be raked to balance the boat in a breeze when sailing with the rig de-powered.
  • Lifting rudder for easy launching and recovery.
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils.


  • New generation Superspar carbon composite mast. Ultra-light weight with dynamic gust response in the tip.
  • Mainsail has a long luff for efficiency and power.
  • Only one full length top batten, plus three short battens for a "soft" configuration which gives a light and user friendly rig.
  • Kevlar reinforced mylar sail fabric is used for strength, low stretch and high visibility.
  • User friendly, highly effective rake and flattener system reduces the power to make the boat faster and more controllable in strong winds.



Designer Nick Peters & Alex Southon
Length 4.68m
Beam 1.92-2.33m
Hull Weight 56kg
Sailing Weight 79kg
Hull Epoxy GRP foam sandwich
Spars Carbon composite
Sails Mylar / kevlar semi battened mainsail. Twin patch radial cut spinnaker
Foils Daggerboard and lifting rudder. GRP and foam composite.