Teach the kids, cruise around the bay or race with the exciting Pro rig. The Q’BA can comfortably handle adults or youngsters; delivers family fun combined with incredibly easy handling; is quick to rig, simple to reef and requires virtually no maintenance. 

RS Q’BA – you’re going to love it! 


Easy - Learn and Love It

  • Super stable hull with wide waterline beam
  • Wide side decks that encourage newcomers to sit within the stable area of the hull, yet are super comfortable for accomplished sailors when hiking.
  • Balanced rig with the centre of effort and centre jammer well forward so that tacking and gybing are made easy.

Fun  - Simple - Stylish

  • Great handling and sparkling with performance - just like every RS
  • Enhanced rocker shape gives good light wind speed even for heavier sailors, and keeps the bow up to promote planning in the breeze
  • More Speed - easier handling - more fun!
  • Raised foredeck - sheds spray and keeps the cockpit drier


  • Roomy and reward for adults
  • Easily handled by one or two youngsters
  • Choice of sport and pro rig sizes
  • Mainsail track and halyard system so stepping the mast is simple and it can remain stepped in the dinghy park
  • Class-leading cockpit comfort - deep and wide with perfectly positioned toestraps for adults as well as youngsters.
  • Optional rowing kit 


Hull 3 Layer Comptec PE3
Length 3.35m
Beam 1.42m
Weight 58kg